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The development of key user industry and the demand to machine tool tool

The development of key user industry and the demand to machine tool toolDevelop as national economic stability, china is being worn thrust transforms into economic structural adjustment and development means, key domain and priority discipline are machine tool, efficient to high-grade numerical control cutting tool, rigid the demand market space that measures appearance is very large. Below undertake communicating simply with respect to the development of industry of user of a few keys and the demand to machine tool tool and everybody. Aviation industry: Chinese aviation industry obtained rapid development, technical progress is apparent. Chinese business uses an aircraft finite liability company held water 2008, started big airlines project formally. Current, the prototype C919 of big airlines project has developed a success, attended 2010 exposition of Chinese Zhuhai aerospace, 2011 Parisian aerospace exposition, predicting C919 will come true 2014 head fly, obtained comfortable boa…

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